Sunday, March 17, 2013

My attempt at selling CS + Science to middle school girls

     My department head convinced me and another senior in the Computer Science department to be "career panelists" at a local one-day conference meant to introduce science careers to middle school girls.

     Sometimes CS gets left out of the "STEM" conversation, and this event was a good example: my classmate and I were the only advocates for computing, and there were no technology workshops at all, despite hands-on virtual reality and robotics events being advertised. There were fantastic astronomy, biology, and chemistry workshops however.
     I mentioned this to the organizer, and she reminded me that it was a completely volunteer-run event, and no one volunteered to offer technology workshops. I wondered how much responsibility the organizers had for reaching out to people in technology, or in that case reaching out to minority speakers (all presenters I saw were Caucasian, while the students were 90% Latina), but that's for another blog post.

In any case, by some estimates computing jobs will be 50% of all STEM jobs by 2018, so we better get on this!


Izzy and I were on the task as Computer Science evangelists. Below the jump is the text of my talk.